Leather Working Group

Leading the Charge Towards Sustainable Leather Production

LWG, are committed to transforming the leather industry for a sustainable future. The mission is simple yet profound: to promote environmental best practices within the leather manufacturing sector, ensuring leather production meets high standards of environmental responsibility, traceability, and social welfare.

What is LWG?
LWG, or Leather Working Group, is a globally recognized organization dedicated to improving the environmental impact of leather production. Founded in 2005, LWG has since become the leading authority on sustainable leather manufacturing practices, with a membership spanning across the entire leather supply chain, from raw material suppliers to finished product manufacturers.

Choosing LWG-certified leather signifies a commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. The stringent auditing process ensures that LWG-certified leather is produced in facilities that prioritize environmental stewardship, resource efficiency, and worker welfare.

The leather industry, like many others, has historically faced challenges related to environmental degradation, resource depletion, and social responsibility. LWG provides a framework for addressing these issues head-on. By promoting best practices such as reduced water usage, responsible chemical management, and waste minimization, LWG helps mitigate the environmental impact of leather production. Additionally, the focus on transparency and traceability ensures consumers can make informed choices, supporting sustainable practices with their purchasing power.

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Leather Working Group