Garment Project sprang from the desire to manufacture proper casual sneakers – which may be used with anything. With experience from Nike, the man behind Garment Project, Kent Rau Madsen, had a desire to design casual sneakers that offered both comfort and technical details. In 2013, Garment Project became a reality and, later that year, the first Classic Lace hit the road. Classic Lace is the sneaker that kicked it all off and it is basically a classical leather sneaker, but with a comfort and extra detail that is not found elsewhere.

With Classic Lace, Garment Project hit an opening in the market and, already in the first season, we had established ourselves on the Danish sneaker scene. Classic Lace has become the season classic and, from it, the Garment Project collection has been gradually developed and expanded year on year.

Many more styles have been added - common to all of them is the fact that they are made from the softest skin, handmade in Portugal, and with a focus on comfort and technical details.

Season after season, the chrome-plated goal is to make an even better product. Every Garment Project style needs to be improved, efforts are constantly being made to deliver an even sharper product. Better soles, more comfort, more technical details. We renew and develop constantly. It is about delivering a better product season on season.

Garment Project will constantly improve and show that sneakers are not just about the right look - but also very much about the technical details, comfort and quality. It all must gel.


Most of Garment Project styles are manufactured in Portugal. This is because Portugal is the leader when the talk is on the manufacture of shoes - at the same time, it makes it easier to keep up with what happens at the factories and with the conditions, under which the

shoes are manufactured. By manufacturing within Europe, visiting the factories often is made much easier and there is no need for four subcontractors - it makes staying close to the manufacture and retaining the general overview much simpler.


Since the start off, Garment Project has been involved in various collabs - both inside and outside Denmark. The minimalist and typical Scandinavian style, which the Garment Project symbolizes, appeals widely - and from day one, there have been various projects on the drawing board:


Sneakers, Skateboarding, and Music Converge


The inspiration for the collection comes from the coalition of the two brands, Garment Project being a more classic but adventurous brand and STORM being the Fashion forward but always pushing the limit of what you can do and can say.


Ebbets Field Flannels, known for their super detailed and period-accurate flannels & ballcaps. All Ebbets Field caps are handmade in their shop in Seattle USA.

VSN X Rytz

The micro collection contains a crew and hoodie showing the twisted fantasy slug on the chest and the broken flower on the cuff all handmade in a two-tone screenprint done right here in Copenhagen Denmark.


1st Collab med Martin The Meat. ”I got the opportunity to work together with the Danish sneaker brand Garment Project. I have given my take on the design on two pairs of the classic silhouettes; the Flex and the Off Court. The colorway and materials reflects my personal style and I really hope you will like what we have created” – Martin The Meat


Danish brand Nué Notes designed a capsule collection for girls, characterized by velvet, goat suede, and luxurious qualities throughout the entire collection. The collaboration was crafted to complement the thematic continuity of Nué Notes' own collection.