All our shoes are handmade in Europe and they are all made of leather from the inside and out. Our main goal is to guarantee the highest quality in all our products - and every season we want to make our styles even better and give you more value for money. Leather is a natural material and every piece has its own characteristic. Our suppliers are the best in Europe and we can therefore guarantee that our shoes are produced of the best materials in the best qualities. So remember to take good care of your shoes - they look better and live longer.

The upper leather should be treated with shoe cream on a regular basic - It moistures the leather so it won't crack. Make sure the shoe is dry before you start applying the shoe cream. Never ever apply liquid polish directly on your leather shoes, it may contain chemicals which will ruin the natural leather. Nubuck and suede always has to be cleaned carefully with a suede brush. Vi recommend Jason Markk suede cleaner kit for suede and nubuck and Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner for overall cleaning of your shoes.
If your shoes get wet it is super important you let them dry naturally and never under a radiator or using any kind of directly heat. It takes about a day before a leather shoe is dry from the inside and out.
Natural rubber soles can sometimes developed a light white powder on the surface - it is easily removed with a cloth.

How do you use your sneakers? There is a big difference between a pair of outworn teenage-converse and a pair of new shiny white sneakers. Are you the kind of type that wears your sneakers until the soles falls off and then buy a new pair. Or are you the type that always cleans and nurses your sneakers? If you are the last type it actually pays of. Even the weather offen makes the life miserable for sneaker-freakers, we still have collected a few tips and tricks for you, so you nice and easy can keep your sneakers clean.

It is impossible to talk about cleaning sneakers without mentioning Jason Markk - the king of sneaker cleaner! Jason Markk has specialized in sneakers cleaning since 2007 . He was the first on the market with a product especially designed for cleaning sneakers, and as an extra benefit his products are made without any harmful chemicals both when it comes to sneakers but also the environment. His products are extremely effective and super easy to use.

All you need to keep your sneakers clean is:

Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner and the brush - a kit that makes your sneakers shine. A bottle will keep at least 100 pair of sneakers clean.

Jason Markk now has a complete collection of different sneaker cleaner products, containing everything from small Quick-Wipes, textured napkins, that easily fit in your bag to the worlds most effective repellent - that actually makes the dirt fall of your sneakers and much much more.